Bacteria, viruses, etc., our body is constantly exposed to attack by pathogens. To deal with this, we are equipped with a system of natural defences: the immune system. But do you know how it works?

The immune system consists of:

  • natural barriers such as skin or mucous membranes. Some hairs, like those of the nose, are an integral part of the immune system
  • specialised cells that recognise and destroy pathogens, including antibodies

Faced with aggression, there are two types of immune system responses to protect our body:

  • innate immunity this very rapid mechanisms is triggered regardless of the aggression and its origin
  • acquired immunity this mechanism is established after recognition of the pathogen. It is therefore triggered later, but is also more effective because it targets the specific aggression

We have a daily need for this natural defence mechanism! Nevertheless, the immune system can be affected by unbalanced diet or climatic conditions. Indeed as winter approaches, changes in temperature and humidity, wind and weather often disturb our healthy balance... and bring their share of discomfort!

For your well-being, Laboratoires BIOFAR have developed a set of effective and practical solutions: