Laboratoires Biofar have developed a unique expertise in the 3 main areas that determine the effectiveness of a product:


Developed by our Research & Development teams, the Laboratoires BIOFAR formulae are exclusive. They use carefully selected active ingredients chosen for their proven effectiveness.

Our Research & Development teams use the latest available scientific data, including the most recent and successful clinical studies.

The formulation of Biofar products is in perfect compliance with the scientific opinions as issued by the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA), guaranteeing their safety.


Bioavailability is a key parameter as it determines the fate of active ingredients in the body, or their rate and degree of absorption.

Beyond the dosage form, two essential factors influence the bioavailability of an active ingredient:

  • its source, either organic or inorganic 

Organic sources have better bioavailability than inorganic sources. They are also better tolerated by the body. These benefits are explained by their resemblance to body compounds.

Laboratoires BIOFAR, with their solid expertise in active ingredient selection, favour the best sources of organic active ingredients.

  • the presence of exclusive cofactors

Certain ingredients, called absorption cofactors, can also improve the absorption of an active ingredient by the body, allowing for a more effective and rapid action. For example, compounds such as bioflavonoids (antioxidants found especially in fruits and vegetables) have shown that they improve the pharmacokinetics of vitamin C.


Galenics is the art of transforming raw active ingredients into a finished product, in a convenient form. Laboratoires BIOFAR have chosen the effervescent form due to its many strengths:

  • + active ingredients: one effervescent tablet can deliver a large amount of active ingredients in stable form, and in single daily dose
  • greater efficiency: faster action and better bioavailability compared to traditional forms: immediately soluble active ingredients, greater contact area in the digestive tract and faster absorption
  • greater safety: the risks of malabsorption and overdose are reduced (possible use from 6 years of age)
  • greater comfort: the dissolved active ingredients are less aggressive for the stomach lining, easier to swallow, with products benefiting from pleasant fruity tastes and allowing a healthy hydration

Laboratoires BIOFAR use proprietary manufacturing technology to formulate and manufacture the latest generation of effervescent food supplements that are effective, safe, convenient and enjoyable. Thanks to their expertise, Laboratoires BIOFAR have also developed original products, in instant and orodispersible forms. These nomad forms are very practical for active people.
They benefit from Cell-In Delivery Technology, an exclusive industrial technology that allows:

  • active ingredient protection
  • their quick delivery to their targets

Particular attention is paid to the flavours of Biofar products. Our will? To associate the taking of an active product with the pleasure of consuming it. Flavours are selected with the utmost care and contribution from savvy consumer groups.