We often hear about antioxidants and oxidative stress. But do you know exactly what lies behind these terms?

Oxidative stress is the formation of unstable molecules. These substances are highly reactive and aggressive. Indeed, to regain their stability, they degrade the elements that surround them, such as cells, DNA or proteins. This eventually causes tissue ageing and increases cellular degeneration. Oxidative stress is harmful to our body.

Many factors promote oxidative stress:

  • breathing: a true paradox of oxygen, which is vital to us, but which also causes the oxidation of our tissues
  • intense physical exercise
  • stress
  • age
  • environmental: strong exposure to solar UV, pollution, pesticides, etc.

To combat oxidative stress, our body uses antioxidants, such as vitamins A, C and E and minerals such as zinc and selenium.

These antioxidants come mainly from food, but its supplementation can also help you defend yourself against this oxidative stress! Indeed, with too many unstable molecules, the antioxidants naturally present in our body cannot totally respond. A food supplement is hence a good solution.

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