What are excipients?

Excipients are substances added to the active ingredients provide the finished product with:

  • special physical characteristics (consistency, colour, etc.)
  • desired taste properties (taste)

Some excipients may have several roles.

Excipients are selected to avoid any interaction, especially chemical, with the active ingredients. This ensures the stability of the product.

Concept of exclusive excipient

An excipient is defined by its physicochemical properties. Indeed, it is not so much the chemical composition but the reasons why an excipient is chosen which matters.
When formulating food supplements, excipients may also be added to allow the active ingredients to be better absorbed.

This is why Laboratoires BIOFAR make it a point of honour to include in their formulas:

  • carefully selected ingredients
  • des excipients that promote the absorption of ingredients des ingrédients

Indeed, when taking food supplements, it is not so much the amount of ingested active ingredients that matters, but rather the amount of active ingredients absorbed and assimilated by the body.